Da boss, e's kunnin all right. E's got a Stragedy. E says, chop da shooty ones, an' shoot da choppy ones. Now dat's what I call Tak Tickle.

— Terdswiper, Boy, Four'f Mob "Sneaky Gitz"

The Dakkangels are a warband lead by Warboss Grimfart. The majority of the band are Blood Axes, with a large number of boyz training in Tak Tickle Fightin and Kunnin Stragedy, hoping to catch the eye of one of the big nobz and be promoted to the ranks of Kommandos.

They employ a mix of strategies in combat, but generally prefer rapid strike hit-and-run attacks and outflanking their enemies, either through stealth or speed. Occasionally boyz have been observed withdrawing from combat to allow other mobs to fire their shootas at the enemy.

Snazzwagon and Buggy

Grimfart said we wasn't fast enough to be right sneaky, so we knocked togevver dis buggy. But den e said it weren't big enough. More speedy, e says. More snazzy. We fink e's tryina show off to dem big beakies we bin scrappin wif lately. But e is da boss, so me an da boyz built dis. We call it Da Snazzwagon.

— Big Mek Luggnutz

Notable Dakkangels