Road Trip 2001

This is what happens when two dashing young men decide to take two weeks off and drive around the USA and stuff. Click on my awesome little map to see a scanned-in, drawn-on version of one of the maps we used, showing path we followed. In summary: we started in the middle south, went west, north, east, more north, south, and back west to the middle.

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Awesome Map

Amongst the brief journal are some photo galleries (look for the [+] buttons).

Day 1

First, we went and ate lunch at Luby's, then left Conroe (TX) at about 4:30pm. First destination was Dallas / Ft. Worth, we walked around a lake where Ben was a kid, then left. We made it to some town called Abilene, near the New Mexico border, and stayed the night.

Day 2

We went to Carlsbad Caverns (NM) for a few hours, then had lunch at Subway in Roswell. Then we stayed at Moriarty for the night, not too far from Albequerque.

Day 3

Up a little mountain at Albequerque called Sandia Peak. Then across to Flagstaff (AZ), via a petrified forest. We ate at Sizzler, where they serve the potatoes like totally cold (?), I bought some cigarettes for some kids, and had a chat with a Native North American about being Irish (at least I think that's what we were talking about).

Day 4

The Grand Canyon (holy wow!), Needles (CA), Hoover Dam (NV), Las Vegas, whoo.

Day 5

Continued north to Salt Lake City (UT), wandered around the Capitol and the Mormon capital of the world. I really like Mormons. I think we ate at Denny's and were served by a deadpan chick who reminded me a lot of Mel.

Day 6

We headed east towards Colorado, but a warning light came on in the car so we turned back to Salt Lake just before the border and spent another night, this time in a lovely smoky hotel room.

Day 7

Turned out the warning light was the catalytic converter, and not about to cause a nuclear holocaust or anything. So we skipped Colorado and went north. Clipping the corner of Idaho, we went up to Yellowstone (WY), saw Old Faithful and some elk and a coyote and stuff, then had to go out the west exit because of stupid road works and thus spent the night in West Yellowstone just inside Montana.

Day 8

Made it back to Wyoming in a generally easterly direction, stopped somewhere that I forget the name of, and had the first and only bout of 'cabin fever' for the trip. So we went to sleep.

Day 9

Mt Rushmore (SD) in the morning, then on through the most boring state in the universe (Yay! for South Dakota), I think we got out before spending the night (thank god).

Day 10

We met LOoNs in Muscatine (IA) after spending like 3 hours just trying to find her. Then we went across as far as Indianapolis (IN) and stayed in some cheap motel a bit off the interstate.

Day 11

Drove right through to Washington D.C. and stayed in Georgetown.

Day 12

Wandered around in the lovely humidity of the nation's capital, saw the Capitol, the White House, the giant phallic symbol they call the Washington Memorial, Lincoln's temple thingy, and the aviation part of the Smithsonian. Then we drove north via Baltimore (MD) and stayed at Watertown (NY).

Day 13

All the way up to Ottawa (ON, Ca.), we visited Marcy and sweetpea, I beat them all (except Mike and Marc, once each) at pool, we left, and I didn't get ONE SINGLE KISS! *mutters* So we headed south and spent the night somewhere near Hwy 416 in Canada. (Sorry Hope)

Day 14

Back across the border we went pretty much due south to Harrisonburg (VA). Then we stopped. And slept.

Day 15

South and west, we did Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi.. We stayed in Meridian for the night.

Day 16

Slept in until like 10:30, then it was back across Louisiana and Texas, and down to Conroe. We got home about 9pm or so, I think. And there was much rejoicing (Yay)

I think that covers about all of it. Hopefully reading this was as much as fun my having actually done it.

, 2001