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David Brin
  1. Sundiver
  2. Startide Rising
  3. The Uplift War
  4. Brightness Reef
  5. Infinity's Shore
  6. Heaven's Reach
Julian May
Saga of Exiles
  1. The Many-Colored Land
  2. The Golden Torc
  3. The Nonborn King
  4. The Adversary
The Galactic Milieu Series
  1. Intervention
  2. Metaconcert
  3. Jack the Bodiless
  4. Diamond Mask
  5. Magnificat
Terry Pratchett
  1. The Science of Discworld
  2. The Science of Discworld II: The Globe
  3. The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch
  4. The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day
  5. The Folklore of Discworld
Long Earth (with Stephen Baxter)
  1. The Long Earth
  2. The Long War
  3. The Long Mars
  4. The Long Utopia
  5. The Long Cosmos
Kids' Books Teen/Adult Books Johnny Maxwell
  1. Only You Can Save Mankind
  2. Johnny and the Dead
  3. Johnny and the Bomb
J.R.R. Tolkien
The History of Middle Earth
  1. The Book of Lost Tales 1
  2. The Book of Lost Tales 2
  3. The Lays of Beleriand
  4. The Shaping of Middle Earth
  5. The Lost Road and Other Writings
  6. The Return of the Shadow (The History of The Lord of the Rings v.1)
  7. The Treason of Isengard (The History of The Lord of the Rings v.2)
  8. The War of the Ring (The History of The Lord of the Rings v.3)
  9. Sauron Defeated (The History of The Lord of the Rings v.4)
  10. Morgoth's Ring (The Later Silmarillion v.1)
  11. The War of the Jewels (The Later Silmarillion v.2)
  12. The Peoples of Middle Earth
Other Works Kim Stanley Robinson
  1. Red Mars
  2. Green Mars
  3. Blue Mars
  4. The Martians
Larry Niven Jean M. Auel
  1. The Clan of the Cave Bear
  2. The Valley of Horses
  3. The Mammoth Hunters
  4. The Plains of Passage
  5. The Shelters of Stone
  6. The Land of Painted Caves