The Marriage of

Matty & Shell

(in graphical form)
(as recorded by Shell's uncles & grandfather)


The Ceremony

The Boys (waiting for The Girls)

.. The Entertainment ..

The Boys (still waiting ...)

(^lovely cousin)         

Ahh.. Here They Are..

..And Here They Come

..And The Rest

'Bout Time You Got Here

"Marriage is a solemn .. blah blah blah .."

"Who Gives This Woman...?"

"I do!"

Just You And Me, Now..

. o O ( oh gods, this is the real thing )

. o O ( eep )

You'd Better Enjoy This \

Good Boy \

Ah, This Isn't So Bad

Just Relax, Shelly

You Belong to Me Now

That's Okay, Because You Belong to Me

( Wow, what a spunky, handsome,    
     charming hubby I have ) O o .

The Getaway Exit

The Bride & Groom

The Best Man & Maid Of Honour

The Groom's Man & Bride's Maid


Quick Snaps

A Picture I Threw In Because It's A Good One

The Reception

Taking A Seat

Sitting Down

Parents-In-Law Also Sitting

'Uncle Gray' being M.C.

Greg's Speech

My Speech

Ken's Speech

Julie's Speech

Kelly's Speech

Shell's Speech

The Cake

The End