Someone calling themself a professional C programmer, writing to a software development mailing list, used the word "parenthesizes" for "parentheses".

It could just be a typo (I know that sometimes my fingers see certain letter-combinations as triggers to write other words – but I usually notice that "integer" is out of place when I meant to write "interesting") however I find it unlikely. There's a whole extra syllable in there, and it feels like the kind of word someone would invent if they wanted to pluralise a word that they didn't quite understand.

Which brings me to my point: are all "good" code monkeys grammar nazis and spelling pedants, and the type of folk who would look up a word they weren't sure about before posting it to a mailing list of their peers? Or is that just me?

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Matthew Kerwin

CC BY-SA 4.0
Question: Are all good code-monkeys grammar nazis?

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