Hi everyone, I'm Matty. Welcome back to my blog.

First up, my apologies. Today I am home from work sick. I had a pretty rough night last night, didn't get much sleep, still very far from 100%, so I thought, wouldn't this be a perfect time to make a recording of my current state and present it to the entire world to be recorded for all time?

My last post (if you didn't catch it, you should, it's great!) was about my To Do list, of things I wanted to be working on. Unfortunately since that post I have done very little from the list. The reason being: I finished up my two weeks' leave and went back to work. Turns out work takes up a lot of my programming mana. But I have remained cognizant of my list of projects, and of the fact that they're not being worked on. So to that end I have begun to sketch out a diabolical plan. What I need, I have decided, is a strong routine. One that includes time especially devoted to my projects.

Later this month I will celebrate my 34th birthday. I've set myself the task of keeping a vlog recording an entry every day of my 35th year. No particular reason, except that it seems like it's something I could do, and that I could enjoy. Mainly, though, it's because it gives me an excuse to set up a routine.

I'm going to draft up a schedule so I can make sure I have enough hours in my weeks to do the things I want to do while still being there for my family – because, of course, that's my number one priority.

Actually I'm going to do up two or three schedules so I can work around my lovely wife's work roster, switching between day shift and night shift versions as appropriate.

I'm also hoping to recruit my family's help because, of course, I'm not going to do any of this by myself, and not in isolation. I may even have the odd guest star from time to time throughout the year.

And so onto this post which you may have noticed is in video form. This is my test run, to get some experience learning how to video, and to get some more practice on the YouTubes. I've decided, for this one at least, to use a real camera. I may switch back to webcams throughout the year I don't know. I've also discovered through much, much trial and error that I really, really do need a script. I have sticky-taped it to the bottom of the camera because I'm professional. Maybe my ad-lib powers will develop with practice but as of right now they're pretty crap so script it is. Also makes it easier to do the transcript.

So yeah, watch this space. There might probably be many, many more videos to come. If there's something about which you'd like to hear me talk or if you have some praise (or criticism) please leave a comment in any of the places in which I will be linking this video. And yeah you'll see me next time. I'm Matty and this is my vlog.

Matthew Kerwin

CC BY-SA 4.0
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