Christmas is over, the new year is wearing big-boy undies, and after today our household will be back to the regular number of human inhabitants. So I'm going to resume blogging. The problem is I've been out of the loop for a couple of weeks, so I don't know what to write about.

One of my standout gifts this year was a printout of an email with details of my three day passes to PAX Aus 2014! I had a genuine emotional response when I opened it up, which hasn't happened to me for many, many years (if it ever happened at all.) Thanks Shell 😄 It feels a bit weird having tickets to an event when the schedule hasn't even been announced. Nevertheless I'm enthused. And it's the week after my birthday, so Melbourne should be pretty hospitable.

I should build a Space Marine power armour suit.

In other news, not too long after I moved down here I signed up to meetup.com to see if I could find a gaming group. The most interesting meetup I found was someone basically sending out a call to anyone who'd be interested in a 3/3.5ed campaign; I signed up, and didn't hear much more. However in the past couple of days two others have expressed an interest as well, and four means a party of three, which is bare minimum, so it looks like something could start happening on that front soon! We might end up playing Pathfinder. Hopefully could be fun.

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