Twits are for Twits

I propose that the word “twit” be banned, except when used as a pejorative — describing people who use the word “twit.” It is not a single piece of sound emitted by a small but pretty avian; nor is it the act of emitting that sound — the word you are seeking is “tweet.” The only word that even sounds like “twit” — twitter — is the raucous cacophony of constant tweeting made by many tweeters as they tweet their tiny tweets. Never has a product's name so eloquently described and defined its purpose and scope as has Twitter. And yet so many of its users don't understand, don't appreciate the subtlety and sheer brilliance of the name. Whenever I hear someone say “I will twit that” or “do you twit?” I feel that maybe there should be a basic comprehension test that users must pass before they can sign up to the service… but Twitter is just a vehicle for what is the most basic and fundamental human function: communicating in the tribe. If people fail the entrance exam for Twitter, should we have an entrance exam for life? And how many people out there would not pass? When I think these thoughts I get depressed.

... Matty /<

Matthew Kerwin

CC BY-SA 4.0

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